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Abbie Adams Studio.jpg

Photo: Jared Wickerham

Abbie Adams is a freelance designer and artist working with a variety of traditional media including print, painting and visual design. Often working in sets and collections, Abbie creates intricate, hand drawn images that show her fascination with line, repetition and grouping similar objects. Abbie Adams Studio has collaborated with a variety of businesses including The National Aviary, Wigle Whiskey and Schoolhouse to create distinctive, locally-themed products and projects. 

Always beginning with a sketch, Abbie develops by hand each of her studio's products, including stationery, prints, custom fine art pieces and murals. Her favorite materials to work with are pen and ink, paint and paper. The simplicity and detail of her imagery define her signature aesthetic and approach. Whether a collection of state birds, series of local buildings or an illustration unique to her clients, Abbie's artwork captures the essential and noteworthy details of her subjects. 

Expanding on her illustration work, Abbie's love for typography and background in photography led her to graphic design. Abbie collaborates with clients to create impactful, detailed and purposeful design to tell stories and creatively solve problems. 


Abbie hails from the rolling hills of Iowa and currently lives in Pittsburgh, PA with her husband Ben. 




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